Why you?

A lot of strategic consultants will give you a hand… after you pay them a fee. We get paid when you succeed, and we carefully select projects we can understand, afford and develop with passion and dedication. Our wide spectrum of professionals and selected partners is our main asset.

Are you a business angel?

No, we don´t fund your business (yet), but we can work with you in building a good looking business plan to attract investors.

Do you provide funds for my business?

It is not part of our business, but we can explore the option if we both see the opportunity.

Do you charge me if I want you to analyze my project?

No. Our initial opportunity evaluation is completely free. If some kind of agreement can be done, we will find the best option for both parts.

Do you charge me if I we meet to talk about my business?

No. Meeting is part of our understanding and project selection process.

Will I have to pay upfront before you start working?

No, unless some type of purchasing is involved. Our time is our initial investment in your business.

What if we don´t reach an agreement?

You won´t be charged, and any exchange of information can be protected with non disclosure agreements.